A couple of things

I was browsing through an image library on my iPod and found a couple of things that i wanted to share with you. Who knows, maybe this is something you needed to hear right now?




Everything is online now

Everything goes digital and people connect globally online. I think one of the greatest things about Cinemagraphs is that they catch your attention because you don’t expect still images to move. So it can become a great promoting tool- you catch audience’s attention with the movement and then you have a few seconds to tell them your story through an image to make them interested in looking at your online page. Images are powerful. And images that move (not literal meaning) are the ones that will definitely be remembered.

This is a Cinemagraph that i made earlier today for my boyfriend. He is a storyteller- an editor and a writer. I took his ‘about me’ and put it in this image, wanting to make something artistic and something that will reflect his personality. A moving globe represents that what he does is universal- stories are all around the world.

I enjoy making Cinemagraphs (although i made only two of them and they’re taking quite a while to make yet). They are a great add on to your personal website if they can tell your story 😉 Let’s face it, it’s all about stories.

– Mariya –

My 1st Cinemagraph!

Earlier today i said that i’d like to make a Cinemagraph. I just couldn’t wait sooooo here it is!

It was quite a journey…. When i finished it and clicked ‘save’, photoshop crashed so i had to make it again. In my second try i decided to change the colour a bit. So i did that. And just as i finished, photoshop crashed again…. Well, i wasn’t very happy with that… But i tried again. And oh yes, it worked!! 🙂

Let me know what you think and stay tuned to some more!

– Mariya –

EXP [Cinemagraphs – still photos that move]

Sooo…. this is what i’d like to make


And this is HOW to make it


Melancholia – initial scene

Melancholia (2011, by Lars von Trier)

I love the way the images move in this opening sequence. Yes, they are depressing but so is the movie! They fully reflect the mood of the film and it is amazing. I think they are just beautiful. It’s almost like taking a still shot and breath life into it.
That is what i’d really like to do. The opening of “Melancholia” is made to move slow and almost backwards. I’d like to create a sequence like that that is moving forwards.


EXP stands for Experimental

Hi there!

This year i chose Experimental Filmmaking elective and at the end of this semester we need to produce an experimental film. So i thought “I’ve got this blog, so why not post my ideas and things that inspire me for this projects (and other projects) right here on my blog?” And i couldn’t find any reason why i can’t do that. So posts that have EXP will be towards my ideas for my experimental project. I won’t tell you what it is yet, because it won’t be that exciting watching it if you know what it is but you can follow my trail of thought (which sometimes can be very random but at the end still will make sense).

So let’s get started! I’m REALLY excited about making this film which has to be 3-5mins long because i want to incorporate photography and filmmaking. And the theme that i chose is very personal for me and yet i’d like to make it the way that people still can relate to it.

All the best and i’ll talk to you soon!


How long can I keep it for?

Throughout my life I created a few blogs and tried updating them a few times a week. Did it work? Not really as I am here again creating a new one. I guess I’m not really a blog person. I love writing my thoughts down and I have a special notebook for it but blog is something completely different for me. When I’m writing a blog I feel like it’s going nowhere. Like I’m talking to no one. I think that is one of the reasons why I can’t keep a blog for a long period of time. But who knows maybe this one will work for me!?

Anyway, I’m pretty sure all of my posts will be reflections on my camera classes, posts about my favourite photographers and cinematographers and my random ideas as they come and go. Hope you have fun reading them if there’s someone out there actually reading them 😀


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