7331-1/My cinematography practice

The main reason why I love Thierry Arbogast’s style and chose him for my case study is because cinematography of his movies fall into place with all the characters and the whole story. His cinematography supports the world created by the writers, director, art department and everyone else and I would love to bring that feeling into my own work as a DP. When I watch the films he worked on I can’t imagine anything about its cinematography being different and for me it is a mark of a well done job. His style looks very natural to me and this is the main reason why I would like to bring a part of it in my cinematography practice. Even when he uses a dramatic lighting, it still seems like it was supposed to be that way.

I learnt a lot about cinematography by looking at Thierry Arbogast’s films. I learnt the way light and shadow shapes the action in the frame and how I can use art department and architecture to highlight a subject through composing the shot in a certain way. I really liked how Thierry Arbogast isn’t afraid of having “hot spots” on character’s faces and how he uses the colour. I must say I learnt the significance of colour through his work and I would like to bring it into my own practice as well.

But the most important thing that I learnt is how he uses all the different departments and highlights their work through cinematography and when it happens the whole camera work has a very natural feel to the world of the film. I really appreciate it and after studying this cinematographer’s work it seems to me that no matter what you do, you, as a cinematographer, create the visual world of the story and you have a great power to bring it to life and make it feel and look natural.


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