7331-1/Trying to replicate Thierry Arbogast’s style

https://vimeo.com/43520670 – this is a link to my Practical Component and the password is leontheprofessional

The first choice I had to make is the scene itself. I didn’t want to have any dialogue in it so I thought about “Leon: The Professional” and character introduction in this film.

I’ve decided to have only one light coming from camera left so it will leave the actor’s left side in a complete shadow and yet in won’t be high contrast. I think Arbogast would make this choice for lighting. The thing that was important is to keep the eye light and make the shadow not that strong the way Arbogast does in most of his films.

The choice of lenses was obvious: wide angle. I made this choice because this is one of the photographic choices Thierry Arbogast always makes (apart from times when he wants very shallow depth of field).

I tried to include his sense of symbolism through having my actor writing on a reflective surface. But to be honest I don’t think it worked as well as I hoped it would.

I placed the camera close to the action the way Thierry Arbogast does. And when in the first shot the camera is behind the actor I did it hand held because that is what my chosen director of photography does in almost every film: when the camera is behind the actor or over the shoulder he uses some movement which makes the audience feel closer to the action and to the character himself almost feeling him breathing. It also cuts really well with all the static shots in the same scene which I really like.

I also tried to do a pull focus on a globe trying to make it a significant part of the ‘story’. However, I think I should have placed it closer to the actor. Pull focus is something Thierry does for significant moments that is why I wanted to include it in my practical component.

And finally the last shot was about light and shadow. I was pleased how the eye light was always present, but I think I should have made the whole thing a little bit brighter and neater.


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