Achievements and fails

So I created my experimental film. I am very happy with the choice of music because I think it made everything work together as one and this is what I was going for. I think that classical music works the best with my project because I think it has a great power even when people don’t realize it (and maybe even get bored…)
For me water crystals definitely worked and I am very happy with that!! Although, I showed this video only to one person so far…so i will definitely ask people who know nothing about the water crystals, how they work and people who are not interested in them either. I think the opinion of such people will be the most objective one as they will have no idea what the water crystals do and what they are. So far the person, I showed the video to, told me that they worked really well and made her feel something.
Then naturally I asked what sort of feeling she got and she couldn’t describe it. I said what my project was about (how pregnancy made me feel) and she said that she didn’t see it in my experimental film. It is true that i didn’t want the topic to be obvious, I wanted to create a feeling of life, happiness and honour but I think I ended up creating a feeling of inspiration and spirituality because of the photos of water crystals and the music.

I definitely learnt a lot while making this project! I don’t think that I created a well established sense of touch. It didn’t come through to me as well as I wanted. It seems to me that I wanted to make it in a certain way using the camera but because it was my hands being filmed I couldn’t be behind the camera to get exactly what I desired.

The shots of nature definitely added movement and life to the whole project and I guess this is an achievement. However, I should have taken more variety of nature shots and show them to different people to experiment more. I mentioned it in my “while filming” post. I think the project would be more effective if I did that.

In overall I really enjoyed making this experimental film. It tought me that I can put together a few different things that I am very much interested in to create something unique. I will still be looking at creating a film based only on feeling.
I also realized that evoking positive feelings in people is much harder than evoking negative feelings. It happens mainly because a feeling of happiness is very simple and unique to everyone but a feeling of something like sadness is very deep, dark and very similar for everyone. I liked making something positive. To be honest every time I watch my experimental film I get a nice spiritual feeling. It is an achievement from my part but will it be the same when other people watch it?


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