Choice of music for experimental

A few years ago I started reading a Russian non fiction book written by A.T. Usfin called “Music is a power of life”. I haven’t finished it but the ideas revealed in this book still interest me very much and they are tightly connected to Masaru Emoto’s water crystals research as well.
The author of this book tells about the influence of music on people and how classical music can help people develop their intellect, feel better, improve their memory and get out of negative feelings. That is the reason why the choice of music was very important for my experimental film: it was helping me convey the feelings and make the images of nature and water crystals more powerful by influencing the audience on a more sensitive scale.

I chose Vivaldi because it felt like it was the most appropriate music out of three composers and a few compositions I tried to choose from. I am not sure I felt that way though, probably because it influenced me on a more sensitive scale.


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