A new chapter & a little bit about me

Hello world! 🙂

This is a start to a new chapter because this blog was used to be all about my Film and TV study. I graduated almost a month ago and now working as a freelance photographer. But let me tell you a little bit about me…

As some of you already know my name is Maria. I was born and grew up in a small town right next to St.Petersburg, Russia. At the age of 14 my mum and I moved to Auckland, New Zealand, so I could study in an english speaking country. And now I am here with a degree in Screen Arts, my Scottish partner and our beautiful daughter 🙂 

This morning I’ve been looking through my old notebooks where I used to write poems, thoughts, ideas and pretty much anything that would come to mind and I thought: “I’ve got something to share with the world.” 

So here we are! Welcome to a new chapter of this blog and maybe even to a new chapter of my life! Get comfortable and enjoy your journey into my creative world 🙂 


With love,




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