7331-2 Visual references

lighting setup

the way the rain looks

lighting for the dark space (the light needs to come from an angle though)

and lighting for the white space but with a gradual change from light into dark

I like the fact that his neck is brighter than his face, this effect will work for the dark space.

And for the white space I’d add light of the left as well so it wouldn’t look as contrasty

shallow depth of field for close-ups has a beautiful effect especially for this dance piece. It looks good when hands are interacting with objects as well as when they are empty.


7331-2 Dance on Screen Camera&Lighting test (+ storyboard)

Because we are filming  in the studio, we decided to save a bit of time by setting up lights for both spaces at the same time. Each space just needs one main source light and the dark space needs one fill light so the shadow area won’t look too dark.

During our camera and lighting test we focused on lighting the dark space. What you can see in the picture above is only one light source but on the actual shooting day I am planning on using back light for the rain and some front fill in front.

For the white space we are just going to use one light source and create a vignette effect with that.

The lens choice will be 24mm, 35mm, 85mm, 105mm because I believe these lenses will give the perfect look and they will convey the chosen emotion though being wide on wide and long shots and though giving a shallow depth of field on the close-ups.

I will be operating the camera as well as focus pulling. Camera movement will be only on close-ups and will be influenced by the dancer’s movements. The key is to remember that the camera is motivated by the dance here, not the other way round. And this is the most beautiful thing about this project! I can’t be completely prepared and now what is going to happen when because I can’t see the dance before the shoot. All we have to do here is to get prepared for all the technical aspects.

I attached a story board that has picture from our camera&lighting test in it.


The only thing I am a little bit worried about is the final shot when the “internal” dancer is drowning. I can’t see the pool before the shoot, I can’t have a camera test there. The space is quite small in there but we will be able to duplicate the lighting in there. Hope it goes well!

7331-2 Dance on Screen Tests. The rain machine

Unfortunately we weren’t able to test the rain machine in the studio to see how it would actually look. But our art director Natasha showed us the main principal of how it was going to work. I made a short video and posted it on Vimeo of how it works so if you’re interested to see here’s the link https://vimeo.com/40789204 and the password is danceshoot5

Everything is online now

Everything goes digital and people connect globally online. I think one of the greatest things about Cinemagraphs is that they catch your attention because you don’t expect still images to move. So it can become a great promoting tool- you catch audience’s attention with the movement and then you have a few seconds to tell them your story through an image to make them interested in looking at your online page. Images are powerful. And images that move (not literal meaning) are the ones that will definitely be remembered.

This is a Cinemagraph that i made earlier today for my boyfriend. He is a storyteller- an editor and a writer. I took his ‘about me’ and put it in this image, wanting to make something artistic and something that will reflect his personality. A moving globe represents that what he does is universal- stories are all around the world.

I enjoy making Cinemagraphs (although i made only two of them and they’re taking quite a while to make yet). They are a great add on to your personal website if they can tell your story 😉 Let’s face it, it’s all about stories.

– Mariya –

My 1st Cinemagraph!

Earlier today i said that i’d like to make a Cinemagraph. I just couldn’t wait sooooo here it is!

It was quite a journey…. When i finished it and clicked ‘save’, photoshop crashed so i had to make it again. In my second try i decided to change the colour a bit. So i did that. And just as i finished, photoshop crashed again…. Well, i wasn’t very happy with that… But i tried again. And oh yes, it worked!! 🙂

Let me know what you think and stay tuned to some more!

– Mariya –

EXP [Cinemagraphs – still photos that move]

Sooo…. this is what i’d like to make


And this is HOW to make it